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Cocktail Maison is a premium cordial brand - oh wait- what is a cordial? Well sweethearts, a cordial is an infusion of fruits or herbs and other delicious ingredients and then mixed with acidity and water to create a easy to serve drink that can be best friends with either your favorite soft drinks or your preferred spirit.


And why did we decide to work with cordials and not ready to serve cocktails anymore?

Very simple. 

A cordial can be mixed with a spirit or mixer of choice, so if you don’t like a vodka combination, you can easily make it yourself with gin.

Or don’t like the soft taste of gingerale and prefer it with a little more kick? Then add your cordial to ginger beer.

But not only that, we know from personal experience that every house has a little cabinet, closet or cart that is filled with bottles but you have no idea what to do with them.

Maybe it was a gift from a colleague, a promo you couldn’t refuse (1+1, am I right?) or even a bottle that you bought on holiday but once you were home it just didn’t taste the same.


So see our cordials as little helpers, the companion that can elevate your drinking experience, the extra touch in a delicious little sipper.

Easy to make.
Great experience.

1. Pour your spirit (alc. or non-alc).

2. Add your Cocktail Maison Cordial

3. Top it off with a soft drink (additional).

4. Add a nice garnish.

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